How long does it take to process a membership?

Instantly!  Once you complete your on-line membership application and process your payment.  
If you have any questions please contact Membership Coordinator


How do I get a uniform?

Uniforms are pre-ordered in the Nov-Dec timeframe. We will have several preceding announcements to let you know when the fit kits are in to measure yourself. If you have any additional questions, feel free to email the current uniform coordinator.


How much does it cost to join and what do I get?

Our membership fees are low and our family memberships are even a better deal.  From discounts to club benefits, it is well worth being part of the club.  Sign-up or Renew now!


I'm a good runner, and have always wanted to attempt a triathlon. Do you need to know how to do all the sports well to join your club?

Absolutely not! Part of our mission is to is to assist those athletes that have the desire to become multi-sport athletes… By joining the RTC, you open a complete resource of clinics, structured workouts and network of athletes of all levels. Consult the training section for helpful training tip and articles.


Am I allowed to try out a workout or event before I join?

Non-members are always welcome at our club events, and are also welcome to check out a few workouts before deciding whether or not to join, but you will be required to sign a release waiver before participating.


What advice can you give to the 1st time triathlete on how to learn more about multisport?

Check out the RTC Calendar for clinics, group workouts and events.   In addition, by joining the RTC you will gain access to "members only" section of the website where there are discussion boards, training tips and much more.

Want to Join, Renew or Manage Your Membership?

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So what is a triathlete? Here is some information from USA Triathlon.
USAT Demographics